Sorghum per Bag


A great source of carbohydrate and alternative to Corn, Rice and Millet. Nigeria is the second largest producer of Sorghum which is locally named Guinea-corn or Dawa, the most widely produced agricultural cereal in the Savanna areas of the West African Country with a production rate estimated to be about 6.7 million tonnes per year. In essence, the cereal’s panicles are compact and bear about 25,000 to 60,000 seeds/kg.

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  • It’s used to make Sorghum porridge recipes like done in the UK
  • Biofuel: for ethanol fuel production like done in North America
  • It’s used for human food and animal feeds
  • Its syrup is used as a natural sweetener for processed foods
  • Its whole grain is commonly used in baking
  • It serve as a gluten-free flour in most recipes
  • It is in the making of Ethiopian bread injera and other gluten-free beers
  • It is a good source of fiber, antioxidants, and protein
  • For preparing a nutritious snack like popcorn

In Nigeria, apart from being a staple-food crop, the plant is used in preparing the traditional thatched roofs and fencing of houses, while the broomcorn is used in making brooms and brushes. Again, it is also adopted as a raw material for lager beer brewing.


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