All Farmers Online currently delivers goods via delivery agents that work with us to customer’s shipping address.

However, you can read below the delivery models we are planning to implement to improve buyers’ access to produce.

Our Delivery Models

● Farmers-sourced Transport Model.
The Farmers source for transport: In a situation where the distance between farmers and buyers is less than 500 kilometres, farmers can source for transportation and delivery to the seller.

● Commercial Transporter Transport Model
We will have commercial transporters register on our database: In a situation where farm produce will have to be transported between 500- 1500 kilometres, we will contact freight companies registered on our database to transport from farmers to customers.

● Private Transporters
We will register private truck owners on our database. This is for goods that are relatively small and using a freight company will not be profitable. We intend to leverage on private truck owners who ply the same route.

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