AllFamersOnline is a mobile/web-based platform designed to bridge the gap between farmers and the market.

Youths registered on our website are geo-tagged with farmers. They takes pictures, write descriptions, then list the volume, type and cost of the produce on a particular farm. Afterwards, they upload this informaton onto the farmer’s website. The youth operate the online store on behalf of the farmer, so they don’t have to worry about the tech.

Customers can visit our website to see pictures, descriptions and prices, all of which they can use to purchase their desired produce. This online store will increase sales for the farmer while providing jobs for young people, and, as a result, reduce wastage suffered by farmer due to inadequate sales and also tackling a number of sustainable development goals in Nigeria.

Recently, AllFarmersOnline was listed as a regional finalist in the World Bank ‘Ideas for Action.’ As a Regional Finalist, the company is among the top 10 percent of over two thousand proposals – We are incredibly proud of this achievement, and fully expect to live up to the challenge.

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